Our vision at HalloApp is to build a simple, safe, private place to connect, share and communicate about what matters in your life, with the people who matter in your life.

Your real relationships in complete privacy.

We’ve known from the beginning that to deliver on that promise long term, it can’t just be the whim of today’s team to keep that data secure - we need strong technical measures to keep it secure into the future, and as our team evolves. The best way to do that is to keep the data inaccessible to anyone, including ourselves, who isn’t a party to the conversation. This completely mitigates the problems of cybercriminals, hackers, rogue employees, data leaks, or psychological studies done without your consent. We can’t lose control of data we don’t have to begin with.

So today we are introducing end-to-end encrypted chats, based on the well known Signal protocol. By starting with “Chats”, we are establishing secure channels between individual users, and we will use that as a building block to encrypt all traffic on our network eventually. We are announcing this today as a key milestone toward encrypting group posts and home posts.

You can validate your encryption keys with another HalloApp user by opening their profile screen, and selecting ‘verify safety number’ from the overflow menu.

We are looking to build a team that focuses on encryption and would love to speak with you if you are interested in the area and want to work on building a world class product with world class encryption at the heart of it.