Since our vision for HalloApp is to help people connect in meaningful ways, in private, we believe the ability to hear someone’s voice plays an important role in nurturing and maintaining relationships digitally. Text-based chats are efficient, but true closeness must be felt by hearing the other person’s voice—because there are nuances of emotion that can only be heard and communicated through the human voice.

Recently, we released a feature called Audio Notes which allows users to press and hold to talk, record, and send Audio Note messages and comments. We felt this was an important first step to fostering more nuanced, meaningful conversations between close friends and family members.

But this is only the beginning of what we believe real relationships can look like in a private, safe, digital space.

Audio Posts are now live on HalloApp.

In our most recent app update, we pushed live the ability for users to create Audio Posts in both their main feed as well as group feeds.

Screenshot of an Audio Post in the feed

Audio Posts give users the ability to create and publish new posts to their feed, as well as any Group, starting with a recorded voice clip. The same way you might think to create a post based on text, a picture, or a video, you can now do so using your own voice. This is a feature we have not seen on any social media apps, as well as any chat-based messaging platforms. And the reason we believe this feature does not exist elsewhere is because the human voice is an intimate expression, and something we typically only feel comfortable sharing with our closest friends and family members.

But when you are surrounded by only your real relationships (as you are on HalloApp), using your real voice feels natural, comfortable, and even preferred.

We are very excited about Audio Posts and the role audio can play in facilitating real relationships online.

Here’s how the new feature works:

Step 1: Click the Plus (+) In The Lower Right-Hand Corner

The same way you would create a post with text, a photo, or a video clip, you can now hit the microphone button to do the same with your voice.

Screenshot after the plus is pressed, and the four icons pop up

Step 2: Select Audio, And Tap To Record

You will be brought to a screen where you can create an Audio Post.

Tap the microphone once to begin recording, and once to stop recording when you’re finished.

Screenshot of while it is recording

A few other features to note:

Once you’re finished, hit the send button to publish your post.

The same process works for creating Audio Posts in Groups as well.

Just click on the Group you’d like to post in, and create an Audio Post using the microphone button.

We are continuing to work on additional voice-related features for users, so please let us know how you are using Audio Posts and what other features would be helpful for you to keep in touch with those closest to you.